Our Ministry Leaders

We at Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) believe in living out our faith through prayer, study of God's Word, and serving others through a variety of ministries. Opportunities to serve are available in many areas for adults of any age, and even for some children starting at the age of nine.

If you would like more information on any area of ministry, please contact the relevant Ministry Leader.

VCF Membership: Pastor Ron (573) 581-4317

Men's Ministry: Steve Alton (573) 581-3287

Women's Ministry: Madonna Tyser (573) 581-8316

Small Groups: Jeff Stathem (573) 253-5100

Youth Group: Tony & Erin Senor (573) 721-5120

Preteens: Cameron & Mindy Bessolo (636) 544-1030

Children's Church: Patty Stathem (573) 253-5100

Bible Adventure Hour: Andy & Kristin Windmann (573) 310-9431

Nursery: Sara Alton (573) 975-3033

Servant Schedule



Steve & Denise A

Infant Nursery:

1/6 Aimee P

1/13 Karri B

1/20 Lindsay F

1/27 Desiree P

Walking Nursery:

1/2 Sherry G, Claire J, Savannah B

1/6 Christy D, Bethany J,

1/9 Sarah O, Lindsey F, Jordan M

1/13 Kristin W, Christy J

1/16 Denise A, Sarah A

1/20 Arica W, Kaylee B

1/23 Connect-4-Life

1/27 Mindy B, Erin S

1/30 Fellowship Meal

Children's Church:

Arrows 2-3 Years:

Liz R, Kara W, Victoria F

Arrows 4-6 Years:

Pete & Kelsey K, Sierra A

Heir Force 7-9 Years:

Tyler & Ashley S, Hannah C

Heir Force 10-12 Years:

Joanne D

Bible Adventure Hour:

Teacher: Christy J

Memory Verse/Song: Holly P

3-4 Years: Kelsey K

5-6 Years: Gary W

7-8 Years: Jaimy M


Infant Nursery:

12/2 Desiree P

12/9 Kara W

12/16 Aimee P

12/23 Lindsey F

12/30 Amber L

Walking Nursery:

12/2 Christy J, Claire J, Alyse G

12/5 Sherry G, Sarah O, Savannah B

12/9 Michelle V, Diane B, Cami D

12/12 Kaylee B, Ashley S, Jordan M

12/16 Kaylee B, Erin S, Emily E

12/19 Denise A, Claire J

12/23 Marisa D, Mindy B, Aleigha D

12/26 Connect-4-Life

12/30 Kristin W, Kaylee B


Steve & Denise A

Children's Church:

Arrows 2-3 Years:

Kelly W, Bethany J, Shelby A

Arrows 4-6 Years:

Judy F, Liz W, Mona S, Noah M

Heir Force 7-9 Years:

Pam J, Sierra B, Tyler E

Heir Force 10-12 Years:

Steve C, Cecilia F

Bible Adventure Hour:

Teacher: Kristin W

Memory Verse/Song: Lindsay F

3-4 Years: Andy W

5-6 Years: Kim H

7-8 Years: Amber L